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Mellow River Mellow River

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done...

Okay. I've figured out that you use FL Studio 7, finally! It was bugging me for a while, but I recognized the drum loop. And if I'm wrong, then wow that's a very similar drumloop from the one in FL studio =P

Okay, on to reviewing. It was repetitive, but still very sarene and well laid out. THe bass was perfect with the synth-strings. I could close my eyes and picture myself in a forest or, in response to the title, by a calm river of some sort. You took an idea and managed to express it with music. That's excellent! I think you could have been a bit more diverse on the notes and all. The same chord progression repeated a little too much, but overall it got the message across. I'll be honest with you, I thought of a forest/river before I saw the title =P So good job. Keep it up. Keep writing music like this and your "In the Sunset" song. Not so much the "Slow Morning Train" song, though. I think your talent accels in this genre. Keep up the good work!

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In The Sunset In The Sunset

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I agree with the 'lots of energy' comment. This is a very uplifting song =) But I also agree with the higher pitched string-like synth. I think it should have been a changing sound instead of just in there as an effect. You have good bass, decent percussion, good melodies. Originality is of course a ten. I think you could have added an extra instrument or two that was an octave or two lower than the main melody. Clarity is an 8 because it was hard to hear the percussion at times, but still they were good. Effort is a nine because one can always go the extra mile ;) Overall nine. I really liked this song and i'm so putting this on my iPod. Keep it up, man!

PS: Review my tracks, please! =)

ClearRain responds:

Thanks. I will fix that high note soon, I just thought then that it was pretty good and it wont seem so plain. I'll check out your tracks soon. Thanks again!